Compare Hosted vs. Traditional

Whether you are a small business with 3 users that would like voice mailboxes for each extension, auto attendant call routing, the ability to monitor call volume trends, and voice-mail to email…
A medium business with 25 users at 3 different locations across 2 states that would like to have one phone system to tie all employees together…
Our Hosted VoIP System will meet your needs better than a traditional office system, and cost less overall when comparing number of extensions, call paths, features and minutes.


  Traditional Office System Hosted VoIP System
Pricing Expensive at $35-$45 per line per month + hardware Significant savings of more than 60% at  per user pricing as low as $25 per user per month
Numbers Only one phone number per circuit As many phone numbers as you need
Minutes Costly pricing for long distance minutes Choose from unlimited & low-cost plans (inbound, outbound, long distance and toll-free)

Limited analog features such as groups, forwarding, voice-mail, conference callings, transfers, call waiting, standard phones

A la carte pricing for additional features
All the features of the traditional system plus advanced business features such as enhanced groups (simultaneously or sequentially, auto attendants, follow me forwarding, self-service portal, advanced mobility, IP phones – at no additional cost
Technology Old analog technology Cutting edge, innovative technology
Setup Time-intensive & expensive setup Quick & easy, low cost setup
Quality Normal voice quality High Definition voice quality
Flexibility Some functionality built-in Scale as your business grows
Mobile No mobile capabilities Integrates with mobile




VoIP: The future of Business Communications:

As the internet continues to evolve, so does the way we communicate.

VoIP is on the cutting edge of that evolution.

By utilizing the power of the internet, and the cost savings of centralized switching equipment, VoIP puts the power of the phone company into your hands!

VoIP not only offers you all of the features and capabilities of a traditional phone company, but it can do so while providing you with greater flexibility and cost savings.

If you’d like more information on how VoIP can transform your communications, while saving you money, click here and drop us a note.

We’ll be happy to provide you with a no cost comparison.